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Providing you with the tools to stand out in person and on paper.


Dedicated to Developing the Future

A Community

Here at JMC we are are driven by longevity. We understand the importance of a united front for effective internal growth both in ourself and the community. That same drive for service is at the heart of who we are.

By implementing real world skills and strategies from our Specialized Development Workshops, JMC offers a welcoming constructive environment to assist members in developing a versatile set of skills allowing you stand out on among the crowd, and on your next resume.

A Creative Outlet

It is vital for ones overall health to ensure that people have healthy ways to express their thoughts and ideas in a safe and constructive manner. We have taken it a step further by engineering modern social exchanges for art and entertainment workers to network and meet their next collaborator. 

We will produce live events year-around ranging from formal outings and day parties visual productions and fashion shows. Many of these events will be free for JMC members, so adding yourself to the monthly newsletter will guarantee you have the first look at what’s happening each month allowing you to plan accordingly.

A Youth Movement

We believe that the young people today are the pioneers of advancement tomorrow. Given the climate of todays norms, it it vital to cultivate an environment for them to grow into productive members of society. By establishing our code of values-

1. Integrity Foremost 

2. Serve Who Serves You

3. Excellent Never Average


We provide a lasting foundation for the engineers of the future to build more than just dreams.

JMC: A Community for Creative Young People

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